by Jim Lynch

OS X El Capitan: How to pin sites in Safari

Aug 26, 2015

Pin your most used sites in Safari in OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan introduces a number of new features, but one of the potentially most useful is the ability to pin your most used sites in Safari. When you pin a site, it will be put on the left side in the tab bar. And pinned sites will refresh in the background, so they are always up to date.

In this tip I’ll show you how to use Pinned Sites in Safari, in OS X El Capitan.

How to pin sites in Safari in OS X El Capitan

It’s very easy and fast to pin a site in Safari in OS X El Capitan. Just follow these steps to do it:

pin tabs safari osx el capitan

Right click on a tab to pin it in Safari in OS X El Capitan. The tab will then move to the left side of your browser window.

1. Open the site you want to pin in your Safari window.

2. Right click on the site’s tab in Safari.

3. Click on Pin Tab.

4. Your pinned site will move to the left of your unpinned tabs in Safari.

And that’s it, that’s all you need to do to pin your most used sites in Safari. And note that your pinned sites will also open in new Safari windows too. So they will always be available to you, regardless of which Safari window you are using at a particular moment.

How to unpin a site in Safari in OS X El Capitan

Unpinning a site is also very easy, just follow these steps:

1. Right click the tab you want to unpin.

2. Click on Unpin Tab.

3. You also have the option to close the pinned tab by clicking on Close Tab.

Pinning sites in Safari can be quite useful

I’ve been running OS X El Capitan for a while now, and I love being able to pin sites in a Safari window. It works beautifully for sites like Facebook, Gmail, etc. Once you’ve got them pinned, you can quickly access them from any Safari window. This can be a big time-saver if you are dealing with multiple windows, or if you have tons of tabs open.

However, there’s always room for improvement. And one of the things I noticed about pinning sites in Safari in OS X El Capitan is that the tab icons at the top get very small. It would be nice if Apple offered the opportunity to have the actual name of the site instead of just a site icon. That would make it easier for folks to click on the tabs of pinned sites.

This is a very minor nitpick, of course. Most people probably wouldn’t care about it. But I noticed it while using Safari on my 5K iMac, which has a 27-inch screen. The icons for Gmail and Facebook are pretty small and I think clicking on the site’s name would be a bit better.

Thanks for Safari’s Pinned Sites feature in OS X El Capitan, Apple!

As you can tell, pinning sites can be a very useful feature in Safari in OS X El Capitan. I’m very glad that Apple has added this feature, I use it frequently and it makes it very easy for me to access all of my most used sites.

So don’t forget to give it a try once you upgrade your Mac to OS X El Capitan.

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