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BrandPost By Jonathan Clark
Sep 01, 2015
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Enhancing Security Without Password Protection


Microsoft is including three big, new security features as part of Windows 10, including Device Guard, Microsoft Hello, and Passport. All three of them are geared toward better security—without passwords. We may be headed for a password-free world in the very near future, and your desktop, laptop, and/or device may function in a very similar way to your smartphone.

Windows 10 enhanced the system’s security outright with Device Guard, letting the user know immediately if an app or download is not a safe bet, and scanning to see if the program is signed-on to specific vendors. And Device Guard will keep working, ensuring that the unwanted stays out of your Windows 10 interface, even if Windows 10 itself is compromised.

Passwords can be difficult to keep track of and remember. They’re numerous, have to be changed periodically, and in many ways are hacker-friendly. But they’re necessary, so we have passwords for every single program and app we encounter on our desktop or laptop. Windows 10 is trying to marry the security that a password theoretically provides with the ease of one point of access—just like your everyday smartphone does—with one entryway and one code and a feature called Passport. So when you log in, it’s simpler to function in numerous apps and programs without extra logins—and more difficult for a would-be security threat to enter at all.

Windows 10 is also providing the option of biometric scanning. Think futuristic here, with iris and/or fingerprint scanning available for entry into your system, with a feature named Hello. That’s the kind of control that may be the norm in a few years, and clearly more difficult than passwords to bypass. 

Ensuring your data is secure, while allowing seamless accessibility is an ever-present challenge. And although some of us would love to eliminate passwords altogether, Microsoft is still offering a password-friendly environment if your enterprise feels strongly about that option. Still, the allure of eliminating passwords while enhancing security is strong—and smartphone-style access sounds dreamy.

Windows 10 is here. It’s the Windows you know, only better. Be more productive with a familiar Start Menu, stay safe with new security features, and get more done across multiple devices. Experience the OS of the future. Our experts can offer expert advice and ensure your Windows 10 Migration success.