by Jim Lynch

Daring Fireball: Read and post comments

Sep 03, 2015

How to read and post comments on the Daring Fireball blog

Daring Fireball is one of the best known and widely read blogs about Apple. However, John Gruber – the author of Daring Fireball – has long been known as someone who wants nothing to do with reader comments. He’s made it clear numerous times over the years that Daring Fireball will never offer the ability for readers to post comments.

daring fireball blog with comments

Once you install the browser extension, you should see the “with Comments” tagline at the top of the Daring Fireball blog.

But Gruber’s loathing of reader comments doesn’t mean that you can’t read or post comments on the Daring Fireball blog. Thanks to a helpful browser extension for Safari and Chrome, you can read and post comments right now on Daring Fireball.

How to read and post comments on Daring Fireball

Just follow these steps to begin reading and posting comments on the Daring Fireball blog:

1. Go to the Daring Fireball With Comments site.

2. Click on the Safari or Google Chrome extension.

3. Install the extension in your browser.

4. Go to Daring Fireball in Safari or Chrome.

5. You should see a “with Comments” tagline at the top of the Daring Fireball blog.

post comments daring fireball blog

Just click on the comments bubble to begin posting or reading comments on the Daring Fireball blog. 

6. Just click the comment bubble next to the title of a post to begin reading or posting comments on the Daring Fireball blog.

Reader comments really spice up the Daring Fireball blog

There’s no doubt that John Gruber is a talented writer, but the lack of comments on his blog means that there’s just one voice there. That’s undoubtedly how Gruber wants it, but for readers it can mean that there’s a bland sameness to the overall experience.

So the Daring Fireball With Comments browser extension does a great job in spicing up the Daring Fireball blog. Anybody can post an anonymous comment to share their thoughts about Gruber’s writing or about the articles he links to on Daring Fireball. This can be a lot more fun and interesting for readers than just reading John Gruber’s thoughts day in and day out.

The quality of the comments on Daring Fireball varies from insightful and interesting thoughts to scathing flames aimed at Gruber personally. So you never know quite what to expect, and that’s part of the fun in reading them. Let’s face it, who among us doesn’t enjoy a vicious or cutting remark aimed at a blog author now and then? I’ve gotten more than my fair share over the years, and I always get a chuckle out of the particularly nasty ones.

So if you’re a fan of Daring Fireball, be sure to try it with comments enabled. You might find that it adds a whole new wrinkle to the very popular Apple news blog.

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