It’s who you know and who knows you that matters

IT people tend to network only when they need something. You should be like your business counterparts and never stop networking.
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Paul T. Cottey is an experienced business professional who has built and operated information technology capabilities at both mature and startup companies. Providing IT and management consulting services, he collaborates with companies across all parts of business operations to provide a perspective not seen from within IT only. He is currently CIO at Water Street Healthcare Partners in Chicago.

Paul is a former executive vice president and CIO at PatientMatters LLC, former CIO of R1 RCM (previously Accretive Health), former vice president of IT at Gores Group, and a former executive partner at Accenture.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Paul T. Cottey and do not necessarily represent those of his employer or of IDG Communications Inc. or its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.