by Jim Lynch

iPad Pro: Best comic book reader ever created?

Sep 10, 2015
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The iPad Pro's 12.9-inch screen could be the Holy Grail of digital comics

Yesterday’s big Apple event is now history, and the Internet is abuzz with reactions from pundits and users alike. One of the big products announced was the iPad Pro, Apple’s biggest tablet ever. And much of the attention focused on the iPad Pro concerned the word “productivity.”

Who cares about productivity? Not me, that’s for sure. I could barely stay awake listening to all the blah blah about Microsoft Office and other productivity apps that will run on the iPad Pro.

While I was watching the iPad Pro demo, the only thing running through my mind was how awesome the larger screen would be for comic books. Yes, comic books!

Think about it for a second, the iPad Pro has a 12.9-inch screen. That is absolutely amazing if you read comic books. It may be the single best product ever created for viewing comic books, but nobody seems to be talking about it.

Comic books will be easier to read on the iPad Pro

I have an iPad Air 2, and it’s a great device for reading comic books. But the 9.7-inch screen means that I usually have to view them in landscape mode and scroll down to more comfortably the dialogue bubbles in my comics. Yes, that may be a sad commentary on the state of my forty-something eyeballs, but that’s how it is for me at this stage of life.

Now think of viewing a typical comic on the 12.9-inch screen of the iPad Pro, with its 2732-by-2048 resolution! It should be much easier for older folks like myself to easily see the dialogue bubbles without having to resort to landscape mode to magnify the comic.

The iPad Pro will make the art in comic books shine!

And what about the amazing art found in some comics?

While a good story is the most important thing for me when reading comics, I can only imagine how good the art in comic books will look on the iPad Pro’s gorgeous screen.

Each comic book artist invariably leaves his or her stamp on our favorite characters when they create the art in a comic. And the iPad Pro has the potential to make viewing such art even better than it has been on the iPad Air 2.

Comic book apps for the iPad Pro

ipad pro read comic books Bitolithic

The iPad Pro may be the best device ever created for reading comic books via apps such as Comic Zeal. 

If you’re also a fan of comic books, you might be wondering which apps are the best for reading comics on the iPad Pro. Here’s a list of my favorites that will help get you started reading comics once you get your hands on the iPad Pro:

1. Comic Zeal

2. Marvel Comics

3. DC Comics

4. Marvel Unlimited

There are plenty of other comic book apps in the app store, but those four should get you started.

My favorite comic book app is Comic Zeal. It is hands-down the best comic book reading app I’ve ever used, and once you start using it you’ll probably feel the same way. It lets you quickly organize your comics into “boxes” and it’s very easy to move comics from one box to the other. Check out the Comic Zeal site for more information about it. 

The DC and Marvel apps are also good options if you read comics published by those companies. They’ll give you access to Superman, Batman, Thor, The Avengers and many other favorite Marvel or DC characters on the iPad Pro. 

The iPad Pro could take digital comic books to a whole new level

I remember being excited about reading digital comics way back when the very first iPad was released. But as good as it and the iPads that followed it have been, none of them have had a screen large enough to provide a truly breathtaking experience reading comics. The iPad Pro is the very first iOS device that will display comic books the way they were meant to be seen.

I’m sure that the folks in the comic industry are probably very excited about the iPad Pro. It may help spur sales of comics for DC, Marvel and other publishers in a way that no other iPad has been able to do over the years. I just wish that somebody at Apple’s event yesterday had realized this and had taken a minute or two to show us what comic books look like on the iPad Pro’s screen.

Apple’s goof aside, the iPad Pro is looking like a must-buy for serious comic book readers who want the best possible experience. November can’t get here fast enough!

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