Marketing plus security equals profit – Disney’s anti-counterfeiting strategy

The business of security is business. Disney showed how it is possible to take a counterfeit product problem into a business opportunity. It is a possibility we should all be looking for.
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Steven B. Davis has more than 27 years designing and developing better security; convincing executives to authorize it; and getting superior solutions deployed. He is the owner of Free2Secure and writes on other security topics there.

During his career, Mr. Davis has gone above and beyond to solve problems. Mr. Davis re-engineered critical business workflow for the US Treasury's ISP to reduce service average delivery times from 1 year to less than 30 days. He provided lead security engineering support for $100 Million+ program (as well as projects for startups).

He developed training program to fix critical failures in a major US government secure email project used by senior executive and cabinet-level officials. Went from concept to deployment in 6 weeks for a 40 hour course which subsequently was used across the government to nearly 1000 students in 30 sessions.

He designed security protocols for anti-jam communications, interconnecting key management and security management between 2 countries, as well as US and international issued patents for anti-cheating and authentication security technology.

He is the author of Protecting Games and many articles on security topics. He developed and delivered training programs for commercial business, government, and taught at Johns Hopkins University.

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