by Jim Lynch

Android users lash out at Apple for Move to iOS app

Sep 17, 2015
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Scathing comments and lots of one star ratings appear on the Google Play page for Apple's Move to iOS switching app

Apple released its Move to iOS app yesterday in the Google Play store, and Android users lost no time in lashing out at the Cupertino giant for daring to encourage people to leave the Android platform.

Many scathing comments were posted by angry Android users, and the app was quickly voted down to 1.8 stars. As I write this post there are 3,306 one star ratings at the low end, and 827 five star ratings at the high end, with a smattering of other votes in between.

Here’s a sample of some of the venomous comments that appeared on the Move to iOS app page in the Google Play store:

Marty Ballard: ” I attempted to switch to ios (apparently zombies ate my brain) and my iPhone 3G would not accept my data. Also, my micro USB would not fit.”

Antriksh Saxena: ”Why is there not an option to give -ve stars! They could have at least followed the Android design patterns. I hope this app gets kicked out of the Play Store soon. #HatedIt”

Jonathan Perez: ”I downloaded this application with hopes of switching over to Ios from android. I’ve burned all my pencils since the only worthy writing tool is the holy apple pencil. I’ve decided to sell one of my kidneys, because I need that gold apple watch. And now I gotta have the iPhone 6s, because 3d touch just sounds like an intimate way to get to know my phone. Hope to throw my money at you soon sincerely- Mr. Complete Sarcasm”

Segun Omojokun: ”Apple’s first android app? What a bloody disgrace! I call on my fellow android comrades to ensure this app gets drowned into oblivion with a 1 star rating never to be seen again on our cherished platform. I’ve given it one star only because they won’t allow a similar app on the App-Store, to move to Android (or any other platform for that matter). The idea is ok, but the opposite cannot be done, and that’s not a fair competition…”

Josh Moorcroft-Jones: ”Quite a typical app from Apple, trying to take users way from a fantastic operating system and giving them a limited operating system in return. Google have provided a fantastic array of apps and services for the Apple App Store and this is what Apple give in return. Even more proof of the fact that Apple are stuck in the past. Google please remove this app!”

Akshat Singh: ”If Apple was a country it would be North Korea. Looks like Apple wants to attack our freedom and control everything we do on our phone and also charge us a bomb for it in this process. Thank you very much for trying this cheap tactic but I am very satisfied where I am and what phone I am using. Now you can go ahead sulk and try this on iSheeps which I am sure will definitely surrender to you. Peace. ✌”

Brandon Moreo: ”Dear Apple just why did you make this app? You refuse to release your apps onto android because apple is “superior” in your minds but that just turns most users away from Apple because they think they are the best and never change. But Google has their apps on your app store and many people switch from Apple because they want freedom.”

Robert Kirsch: ”I’d rather be shot in the face Then switch to a closed, controlled environment. Apple will be the next BlackBerry in a few years. If you use this app, then you deserve to pay more and get less. Apple would never allow this on their communist environment.. Google is too accomodating to isheep.”

Josh Holmes: ”Apple’s first contribution to Android and this is what they offer? Ridiculous. Google has dozens of apps in the Apple App Store, none of which attempt to move users away from Apple and into Android. This is like Walmart installing a kiosk inside Target that would replace a Target gift card with a Walmart gift card. Such practice is not acceptable. Apple has hit a new low.”

Justin Vanpop: ”When I downloaded the app it immediately prompted me to have full body reconstruction surgery in order to appear more like a sheep… I do not appreciate this one bit especially since the app is not up to Material Design standards.”

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angry android users move to ios app google play store

Angry Android users have been downvoting and badmouthing Apple’s new Move to iOS app in the Google Play store. 

Wow, talk about not pulling any punches! And that’s just a tiny sampling of the comments posted by irate Android users on Apple’s Move to iOS app in the Google Play store. Click through to see a whole lot more of them.

Thankfully, there are also some positive ones as not all Android users were deeply offended by the idea of an app designed to help people move from Android to iOS. But the reasonable, thoughtful posts seemed to be vastly outweighed by those seeking to downvote and badmouth Apple’s app into total oblivion.

Why were so many Android users angry about the Move to iOS app?

So why were so many Android users so angry about Apple’s Move to iOS app? I noticed that the fact that Apple did not adhere to Google’s Material Design guidelines seemed to be one big bone of contention for some Android users. While other Android users were just outright offended by the Move to iOS app’s very existence in the Google Play store.

It’s unfortunate that so many Android users reacted so negatively to the Move to iOS app. Personally, I don’t see it as all that big of a deal, and I’m sure that Google will probably produce their own “Move to Android” app for iOS users at some point. If they do I can’t see Apple putting up a stink about it since turnabout is fair play in this situation.

Let’s face it, folks. There will always be people moving from iOS to Android, and vice versa. Some users just get restless and need a change of mobile scenery for one reason or another. So if Apple wants to welcome them to iOS, or Google wants to welcome them to Android then what’s the problem? Let each user make up his or her own mind about which platform they want to use, and let both companies make it as easy as possible for folks to switch when they want to do so.

Android and iOS: Live and let live makes a lot more sense for everybody

I don’t think that the Android users posting the vitriolic comments did Google or its platform any favors though, that kind of stuff just makes Android look bad. If and when Google releases it’s own Move to Android app for iOS, I certainly hope iOS users don’t emulate the nasty comments posted by some Android users on the Move to iOS page in the Google Play store.

When it comes to Android and iOS, a live and let live attitude might be better for everybody.

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