CIOs Describe Turning Points In Their Careers

New members of the CIO Hall of Fame recall the watershed moments when they learned the hard lessons of great leadership. (Plus: CIO 100 Hall of Fame winners offer IT leadership advice in a video.)

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New Members of the CIO Hall of Fame

Our tough judges—all Hall of Famers themselves—whittled a list of 16 nominees down to just six exemplary CIOs who excel at producing business results

Thaddeus Arroyo

Career  Arroyo is responsible for a global IT organization with over 25,000 technology professionals, 2,900 enterprise applications and 77 data centers in 11 countries. He has been focused on technology’s role in enhancing the customer experience, especially at AT&T’s 2,300 retail stores, where representatives have tablets that give them access to all the relevant data about each customer they meet. He was previously CIO at Cingular Wireless.

Judge’s View  “Thaddeus has demonstrated his ability to lead a business and technology transformation at very large scale and achieve material impact for customer experience while reducing complexity and building a highly engaged workforce.”

Chris Hjelm
The Kroger Co.

Career  Hjelm has created a pro-innovation culture that has brought enormous value to the Kroger business. One benefit has been the mplementation of the Que­Vision real-time predictive analytics system, which dramatically cuts customer wait times at checkout. (Dave Dillon, Kroger chairman and CEO, called it the “best innovation” he has seen in his retail career.) Hjelm also led challenging IT initiatives at FedEx, Orbitz and eBay.

Judge’s View  “Long, proven track record of strong results at four well-known companies that are heavily dependent on strong technology.”

Elizabeth Hackenson
Senior Vice President of Global Business Services & CIO

Career  At AES, an electricity generator and distributor, Hackenson has earned the trust of the CEO, who put her in charge of business services and innovation projects far afield from traditional IT. In her previous CIO roles, Hackenson deftly led IT at especially difficult times, such as during the merger of Alcatel and Lucent and during WorldCom’s bankruptcy.

Judge’s View  “Elizabeth has shown great leadership during stressful transformations. Her approach is a modern approach. She serves as a role model for all aspiring CIOs.”

David Thompson
Executive Vice President of Global Operations & CIO
Western Union

Career  Thompson has developed the digital platforms — including a new website and a new five-star mobile app — that will take his company into the future of global payments. A key component of this progress is a proprietary system that keeps the company in compliance with global regulatory requirements. Thompson also showed customer-centric business leadership in his previous CIO posts at Symantec and PeopleSoft/Oracle.

Judge’s View  “David’s focus and innovation have built his organization into a key asset for Western Union.”

Raymond Voelker
Progressive Insurance

Career  Voelker and his team have transformed the insurance industry with innovative consumer-facing technologies such as the Snapshot in-vehicle driving sensor and the use of mobile phones for data collection. Behind the scenes, Voelker revamped the IT organization, focused on talent management, promoted innovation, and kept technology costs low.

Judge’s View  “Raymond is an outstanding leader who has successfully guided the transformation of his company and his industry.”

Peter Weis
Global CIO & VP of Supply Chain
Matson Navigation

Career  Weis and his team are putting the finishing touches on a nine-year IT transformation, which involved replacing every enterprise application while dramatically reducing costs and enabling business growth. Over the past two years, his role at Matson has expanded to include leading a new global logistics business unit (which has doubled its revenue and is expected to be profitable this year).

Judge’s View  “Peter has had a significant positive impact on the companies for which he has worked. He has also been a leader in defining how we successfully deploy information technology capabilities today.”

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