Quick Guide: 25 Tips and Tricks for Google Drive Power Users

Google Drive is an important tool that can deliver even more value with these 25 tips, tools, and tweaks

Odds are you're already using Google Drive, the combination cloud-based storage service, online office suite, and overall connective tissue tying together numerous Google services. But are you making the most of its full potential?

Even experienced users can miss out on Google Drive's hidden features, but with the right mix of tools, settings, and know-how, you can turn Drive into a lean, mean, productivity machine -- one that's jam-packed with time-saving functionality and fine-tuned to address your needs. Here are 25 ways to crank up the power and send Google Drive into overdrive.

In this downloadable InfoWorld PDF, you'll find out how to make the most of Google Drive, starting with:

  • Going offline
  • Adding Drive as a local hard drive
  • Syncing like a pro
  • Keeping track of changes
  • Turning Drive into a coding machine

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