8 Job Perks IT Pros Want More Than Money

1 in 4 IT pros are planning to change jobs this year, but it's not always for more money.

A new CareerBuilder/Sologig.com survey finds 1 in 4 IT pros are planning to change jobs this year, but it’s not always for more money.

Here are eight aspects of a job that tech pros consider more important than salary in this new survey.

Job stability

A stable job ranked No. 1, with 69% saying a steady position was more crucial than salary. However, 25% of IT pros are planning to job-jump this year, a marked increase from 15% in 2013.


It’s the No. 1 credo of real estate and the No. 2 factor for tech pros; 64% say a job’s address can be more important than money. Quicker, easier commutes or attributes of the area in general can certainly influence a professionals desire to take – or leave – a position.

Good work culture

If you’re a laid-back T-shirt and jeans pro, an employer would have to offer you major coin to join a staid suit-and-tie office. A compatible work environment ranked higher than pay for 60% of those surveyed.

Affordable benefit plans

More than half (57%) consider affordable benefits more important than salary. According to CNN, benefits - and "several layers of taxes" - hike the true cost of a worker's base salary by anywhere from 18% to 26%, depending on the state in which it operates and the configuration of the package. Health care is the highest expense for any employer.

Good career advancement opportunities

Ambitious professionals don’t want to stay in the same job year after year, they want to learn – and do - more. Just under half of those surveyed (40%) placed excellent career opportunities ahead of pay.

Ability to telecommute

Many IT jobs are ripe for telecommuting and a good percentage of those surveyed want to take advantage of it. Forty percent of those polled said the ability to work remotely was more important than money. Across other non-IT professionals, the figure drops sharply to 19%.

Ability to offer flexible schedules

Adjustable work hours to meet family or personal commitments also ranked as important to IT pros with 40% saying it’s a more-crucial factor than salary.

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