The Power of an Accomplishment is in Its Net Present Value to Your Employer

You go to work and you do a great job. Or so you think. It is in the eyes of your supervisor whether or not you are delivering value to the organization. (Serialized from the just-published book "PROMOTE!")
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Rick Gillis has been involved in the" business of employment" since 1997 when he was instrumental in introducing the first local employment website to the greater Houston market. Since that time Rick has aggressively studied employment and the practice of job seeking from the perspective of both the employer and employee.

Rick has a “street-level” knowledge of the technological and mechanical aspects of the employment business to include resume development - specifically, his Short-Form resume format designed to navigate resume-filtering software; employment advertising; recruiting; pre-employment assessments; networking and social networking; age-discrimination issues; the human resources function; diversity considerations; staffing companies; web based applicant-tracking systems and, of course, Internet employment protocols. Rick is passionate about his topic - high energy, actionable, focused, motivating and on-point.

Rick is an in-demand speaker and consultant speaking not just on the various aspects of job search but also on talent management, employee engagement, promotion, transition and motivation.

Rick serialized his book PROMOTE! here on CIO. He also has published JOB!.

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