by Dan Muse

Insider Insights from Toyota’s CIO

Mar 13, 20151 min
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In the first installment of Insider Insights, senior writer Lauren Brousell goes one-on-one with Toyota's Zack Hicks in this video report.


 Zack Hicks, group vice president and CIO at Toyota North America, and Lauren Brousell, senior writer at, discuss innovation, the connected car, the shortage of IT talent and more.

In the debut of Insider Insights,’s Lauren Brousell poses six questions to Zack Hicks,Toyota North America’s group vice president and CIO. Brousell asks about technology innovations coming out of Toyota, security lessons CIOs have learned  in the post-Sony hack era and which customer-facing elements of the connected car Toyota is most excited about. 

Hicks also talks about what IT issues keep him awake at night and the biggest challenges that lie ahead in the auto industry over the next five years. He also answers a tricky question for any Toyota executive.

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