by Dan Muse

Insider Insights: Textron’s CISO on risks, tech talent and more

Apr 07, 20152 mins
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In this video report,'s Lauren Brousell goes one-on-one with Ken Waterman, CISO at Textron, about security challenges, working with the board of directors, the IT skills gap and much more. senior writer Lauren Brousell met up recently with Ken Waterman at CIO Perspectives.  Waterman is CTO and CISO of Textron, a multi-industry company whose brands include Bell Helicopter, Cessna, Beechcraft, Hawker and Jacobsen, among others. Brousell asks the tech executive about his thoughts on a variety of security and IT industry topics.

Waterman, for example, offers advice to CIOs on tackling security in the post-Sony-hack era, discusses what he sees as the biggest security risk he faces at Textron, talks about his strategy for working with his board of directors, shares his approach for attracting and retaining tech talent, and more.

Spoiler alert: Here are just a few of Waterman’s takeaways:

On security: In previous days, we focused on the perimeter and keeping the bad guys out. Now we assume they are on the inside … .

On talking to the board about security: I like to understand what each board member’s background is, what industry they are from, what other boards they are on … .

On finding IT talent: Our approach has been to try to get them right out of school, look at the schools that have the best programs and train them up … .

Watch the video for more much more from Textron’s Waterman.