Mobile Workspaces and the IT Decision Maker

BrandPost By Joanie Wexler
Apr 07, 20152 mins
MobileSmall and Medium Business

The aim of the mobility game is empowering employees to work from anywhere with full access to the applications and data they need. IT must balance this open access with enterprise-grade security and uncompromised user experiences. It seems like a tall order: how do you deliver all these components without kludging together a bunch of unmanageable mobile bits and pieces that leave access and security gaps?

Making it all run smoothly requires a converged mobility platform that binds together mobile devices, applications, data, and networks. This platform is a mobile workspace. Inside the workspace are all the applications, content, communication, and collaboration services workers need to do their jobs well. At the same time, the platform uses a single source of policy management and enforcement so that IT remains in control of user access and data protection.

A strong mobile workspace will tie users to your back-end servers, applications, cloud resources, and internal and public networks using a common set of APIs. At the front end, mobile employees access their workspace on any of their devices, which in turn plugs into all the on-premises cloud, network, web, and intranet resources at the back end. This creates a secure bridge among all assets – old, new, fixed, and mobile.

Users might carry a variety of device types and want access to native mobile apps, SaaS, web apps, and traditional Windows apps. The quantity and diversity of applications out there now requires convergence of app delivery and management across traditional enterprise applications and newer web, cloud, and mobile applications. Mobile workspace solutions unite apps and desktop virtualization with enterprise mobility management solutions to ensure secure delivery of all of these apps.

As time goes on, you’ll continue to add new apps and services for employees. A mobile workspace solution ensures that the new content can be added seamlessly. Whatever the future has in store, the mobile workspace continues to run, connecting users with resources. It uses a common management and policy system for consistency throughout your IT environment.