by John Brandon

Top hotels in the U.S. for busy IT execs

Apr 08, 20154 mins
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When youu2019re traveling for work you need to, well, work. Finding the right place to stay can make a big difference. Here are six hotels geared to the serious business traveler.

Hotels designed for business travelers

Hotels don’t have to be a detriment to your work day. Some are designed with a party atmosphere with expensive valets, but a few offer features designed for more serious business travelers who just need to attend a few meetings and stay on top of their department. These hotels are well-suited for the executive who just needs to get real work done.

Houstonian Hotel

1 houstonian

Image by Courtesy of Houstonian Hotel/Shutterstock

Base room rate: $335

The key feature of the Houstonian in Houston is that it is situated on a “campus” like environment with walking trails and a massive workout center. It’s more like staying at a retreat center, one that is located a few minutes from the downtown area. The more relaxed setting means you can find a quieter place to work. In the lobby, the hotel has a touchscreen panel you can use to find directions to a meeting space or conference room.

Radisson Blu Chicago

Radisson Blu Aqua

Image by courtesy of Radisson Blu/Shutterstock

Base room rate: $199

Not every hotel has a dedicated iPhone, iPad, or Android app. This Chicago hotel, which also has locations in many other cities such as Minneapolis and several in Europe, lets you schedule a wake-up call, request housekeeping services, and even order a sandwich. In the room, there’s an iPad for your personal use that has the app pre-loaded. Another key feature is that the lobby at a Radisson Blu Aqua is particularly well-suited to business folks. At the Minneapolis hotel, the lobby has touchscreen panels and multiple desktop computers.

Aloft Minneapolis

3 aloft minneapolis

Image by Courtesy of Aloft Minneapolis/Shutterstock

Base room rate: $199

Aloft has one key advantage for IT executives. The hotel chain tends to be in quiet locations, including one in Austin that is in an idyllic suburb, a Silicon Valley location that’s close to tech companies, and this downtown hotel that’s close to the Mississippi River. The chain also has a trendier look and feel — every lobby has a similar look with a food bar, a working area, and quick access to the elevators. The rooms have a unique layout that’s more like a loft apartment. As a bonus to all of that, in a recent test for Internet access, the bandwidth hit 100 Mbps. At the Silicon Valley location, there’s a robot butler that can deliver items to your room from the front desk. A new app for the Austin hotel lets you unlock your room without a key — an industry first.

Home2 Austin

4 home2

Image by Courtesy of Home2 Austin/Shutterstock

Base room rate: $114

Look for the Home2 brand when you travel on business. This newer extended stay chain has predictable and reliable amenities, such as a “working wall” in the room that doubles as a meeting space. There’s a second “multi-function” area in every Home2 that is designed for private meetings and has easy access to a Wi-Fi printer. Because this chain caters more to those on business who need to stay several days in a row, they tend to be quieter.

The Crawford Hotel

5 the crawford

Image by Courtesy of The Crawford Hotel/Shutterstock

Base room rate: $289

One of the key amenities for business folks who stay at The Crawford Hotel in Denver is that every room has an iPad Mini you can use for any purpose. (That means you can leave your own tablet at the office.) Another unusual perk? The hotel has a Tesla Model S sedan you can use for free during the day for your meetings around town. There’s also a 46-inch “smart” television in the room, which you can use for browsing the Web and even checking email.

Hyatt Regency Bellevue

6 hyatt regency belleview

Image by Courtesy of Hyatt Regency Bellevue/Shutterstock

Base room rate: $169

Picking the right hotel for a business trip is not always easy, but this Washington state hotel has a unique offering that IT execs will love. In the lobby, there are two 55-inch touchscreen tables, powered by Microsoft Windows 8, you can use to find directions to a meeting or even check your email. The tables use Microsoft Perceptive Pixel tech for easy swipes and gestures. Another unique offering: The hotel offers a new mobile app that lets you send a text message to the front desk to order services, ask questions, and even check on a meeting.