If Dale Carnegie was CIO

In 1936, Dale Carnegie wrote "How to Win Friends & Influence People" and became one of the most respected experts in human relations. The principles outlined in his book are equally important today and can be used in your role as CIO. Whether you need assistance with a Board, co-workers, or employees, Dale has provided useful tips for improving all types of relationships.
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How many people go to work most every day with a smile on their face? I fell in love with computers and the associated technologies that go along with it while I was in third-grade. Consequently, I have worked in this industry since I was a young teenager. I learned how to type before computers were in every home and I began charging one dollar per page to convert student scribbles into a term paper. Later, I would refill toners and work at the local PC shop.

I opened my own computer shop after graduating and it was a wonderful experience. It gave me the chance to build hundreds of PCs, design networks, and diagnose and repair any imaginable computer problem. Running a business taught me how to make convincing presentations to Executives and was my first time to manage employees.

In 2000, I was offered the Director of IT position for a small city. I had already served this city for ages as a Consultant. The position presented daily challenges and rewards for 9-years as I developed a CIP to replace inadequate equipment, implemented various software to improve efficiency, and more. I served in any capacity that would further my strategy for the city.

The past five years have been the most rewarding of my career. The chance to work in a large medical environment allowed me to sharpen many skills while learning new technologies. I took charge of many projects independently while also embracing the power of team work in an organization that fostered creative problem solving.

As the Technology Director for Henry County, I have been allowed to aggressively determine and implement strategy that has improved service (reliability, capabilities & speed), infrastructure, budgeting, and perception of the Technology Department. We successfully provide 24/7 support for Public Safety, E911, Law Enforcement, and County Administration. Our current capabilities exceed our demand and we actively seek new projects and uses for our skills.

Going to work with a smile on your face is a good thing and returning home with another smile is even better. In addition to a great career, I am married to the greatest woman in the world. Our small family has more fun than should be legal and take advantage of it everyday.

I truly am the luckiest person in the world.

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