Getting Mobility Right – Real Users, Real Solutions

BrandPost By Joanie Wexler
May 05, 20153 mins
MobileSmall and Medium Business

Perhaps the biggest advances in mobile workspaces – environments that allow mobile users to access their business apps and data from anywhere – have been on the integration front. A mobile infrastructure has myriad components, and getting them all to work in sync with no compromise on security was once a daunting task. Now, you can use a unified mobility platform to deliver, manage and secure employee mobile workspaces while avoiding the integration headaches.

An example of a mobile workspace in use across industries is the Citrix Workspace Suite all-in-one mobility platform. The Citrix suite not only includes desktop and application virtualization to deliver Windows apps to mobile users, but integrates a plethora of essential components, including enterprise mobility management (mobile device management, mobile application management, and a mobile app store) for mobile device security and app access, secure enterprise data access, synchronization, sharing for everywhere access to data, and networking capabilities to ensure access to apps and data that is always secure and optimized.          

Here’s how Citrix Workspace Suite is making a difference for customers:

  • A small manufacturer doubled the number of its work sites in an expansion project. For efficiency, the company needed to centralize IT management. Distributed employees also needed to securely share large documents such as design files without the file size limitations of email or the security and efficiency drawbacks of removable storage devices and other non-secure approaches.

Using the Citrix Workspace Suite, the manufacturer has delivered on these goals. Centralization through desktop and application virtualization has eliminated the need for IT to visit each individual site to deploy applications. In addition, with anywhere access to files, employees can share large design files and blueprints easily across locations, speeding workflows and enhancing collaboration.

  • A natural gas producer wanted to introduce a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiative for its approximately 8,500 employees. The requirement? The security capabilities of the new solution needed to match or exceed an existing BlackBerry solution and the solution needed to be able to deliver all the mobile, web, SaaS and Windows apps its workforce needed. 

The company shifted its focus from managing devices to managing and securing apps and data using the MAM capabilities of Workspace Suite. That allowed enforcement of more granular access policies and let employees securely use the same devices for their work and personal lives. Today, company employees can securely access corporate apps and data — including high-end geographical information systems — on tablets, and they work more efficiently in the field.

  • A leading global gas company needed a secure way for employees, whether on oil rigs or in refineries, airport lounges or home offices, to collaborate on files and share data. The company also wanted to introduce a BYOD strategy for its headquarters workers. With Workspace Suite deployed, field workers can work more efficiently with secure access to data from anywhere. In addition, the solution ensures that corporate data and apps remain separated from personal content, eliminating the potential for data leakage and allowing the company to remotely wipe corporate content without touching the rest of the device’s apps and data.

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