ROI of Automated Business Process Validation

BrandPost By Jim Kent
May 06, 20153 mins
IT Governance

Automation both saves and makes money, while ensuring faster innovation and time-to-market.

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In our last several blogs we’ve looked at best practices in and around quality assurance and automated business process validation (ABPV).

The pace of change faced by organizations has never been faster or more relentless than it is today, leaving companies with only two options: agility or obsolescence. This creates challenges for CIOs who must ensure technology changes are deployed quickly but at the same time with very high quality every time. It also comes at a cost.

Automated validation helps companies ensure that their business processes work—end-to-end, across all technologies, and across global operations, while providing a dramatic ROI. It’s really the only way to ensure that every critical business process works at all times in this high change environment.

In short, the technology achieves three critical things for businesses:

  • Faster innovation by accelerating the time-to-market for every IT application project by weeks to months
  • Improved business process quality by cutting the number of system defects entering production by half or more
  • Increased staff productivity by eliminating thousands of hours of manual effort

SAP® is the single largest software investment for many companies, and it must function flawlessly every day in order to support global business, even when deploying updates. SAP projects must be completed on time, on budget and without surprises. Worksoft’s automation helps companies that use SAP increase operational efficiency, improve business agility and achieve cost savings, all while mitigating technology risk.

A recent survey conducted by IDC of large customers quantified the significant benefits delivered by automation for global enterprises. The analyst group found that organizations saw an ROI of 537% and broke even in just less than 12 months. This return earned businesses an average of $13.59 million over five years, and accelerated innovation, as mentioned earlier.

How is this ROI achieved? The secret is automation – and the elimination of slow, incomplete, error-prone, and costly manual labor. With automation, fewer defects enter production and staff productivity is not lost on manual testing. In fact, studies found that Worksoft automation saves more than 50,000 hours per year for many firms.

But it’s not just SAP environments that benefit from ABPV. Do you use Oracle, Salesforce, Maximo, Manhattan, SuccessFactors, TeamCenter or custom web portals? Worksoft Certify automates the validation and functional testing of nearly every enterprise app, end-to-end across complex application landscapes, including web, big data, mobile apps, hybrid cloud environments, and more.

With the stresses put on businesses in today’s market, the financial benefits of automated business process validation are extremely compelling, but the total benefits—faster innovation and high-quality execution—offer even more strategic value than its exceptional ROI.

Download the full IDC report here.