Make Sure Collaboration is part of your Mobile Workspace Strategy

BrandPost By Joanie Wexler
May 07, 20152 mins
MobileSmall and Medium Business

The ability of employees to access all the apps and data they need, regardless of their location, device, and network, has grown quite sophisticated since the introduction of mobile workspace technology. In addition to accessing data resources, users’ daily work experiences often involve collaboration with colleagues – or could benefit by such collaboration. So it’s prudent to include collaborative tools, such as conferencing, file sharing and chat, when delivering mobile workspaces to your employees.

With collaboration technologies at their fingertips, employees can take part in meetings, training, white boarding, and other interactive sessions wherever they are. Additionally, they can share and edit files, review CAD and other designs together, and perform other collaborative work as if they are all in a single place.

Collaboration also opens the door to new opportunities for work processes and new business revenues.

For example, hospital clinicians can consult with one another from anywhere using high-definition video conferencing, which provides the detail needed to evaluate medical images. Thanks to telemedicine, doctors can use videoconferencing to examine, diagnose and prescribe treatment for remote patients as if they were in the same room.

There are many more examples: Product engineers need to collaborate closely but often across far-flung locales to develop new prototypes; sales people may take on an advisory role as they not interact closely with customers; marketers can work with agencies as if they are in the same room together. Shared collaboration tools make it possible for individuals to work together in ways like these to get more things done than ever before.  

Access to data and apps from anywhere via a mobile workspace is important for extending your business. Further, access to people – the talented human resources among whom ideas blossom and flourish – is perhaps even more important to the overall success of your enterprise. Make sure your organization gains these benefits by including collaboration tools in your mobile workspace solution.