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Tech resume resources: Resume makeovers, examples, and expert advice

Aug 24, 2017
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When it's time to update your resume, you may find it difficult to figure out how to effectively highlight your accomplishments while keeping the document concise. With the tech resume resources available here, you'll see how to rework your technical resume to make it stand out from the crowd.

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Whether you’re just starting out in IT, are taking on a new technical, management or IT leadership role, or have your sights set on the C-Suite, the expert advice you’ll find here will help you take your IT resume to the next level.

In the before & after examples, our career experts show how to turn lists of technical skills and experience into stand-out resumes. You’ll learn how to tell a compelling career story, avoid common pitfalls and craft a better resume — one you’re proud to submit and that doesn’t leave hiring managers with lingering doubts or, worse yet, indifference.

Download resume examples and get free access to all the resources you’ll need to create your best resume and achieve your career goals.

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Tips for putting together a great resume

Resume Makeovers

IT Resume Makeover: Career growth begins with a strong summary

Pinpoint your most relevant skills and experience to build a strong resume summary that introduces you as a prime candidate with executive appeal.

IT Resume Makeover: Prove your path to CIO on page one

In this IT resume makeover, resume expert J.M. Auron helps one candidate inject personality, clarity and branding into a resume aimed at landing a CIO-level position.

IT Resume Makeover: Emphasize challenges, actions and results

In this IT Resume Makeover, JM Auron helps a VP of security engineering dig into his experience to craft a resume that properly outlines his abilities, initiative, and accomplishments.

IT Resume Makeover: How to write a detail-oriented CV

Creating a compelling resume isn’t easy, even when you’re at the C-level. That was the case with this month’s CV makeover, where one IT leader transformed his resume from jargon-filled to clear and concise.

IT Resume Makeover: Transitioning from IT pro to IT leader

Making the move from IT professional to IT leader takes a different set of skills. The same type of pivot is necessary with how you approach your resume.

IT Resume Makeover: Find focus by building a theme

The longer your career, the more difficult it can be to pull out the right details to create a focused resume. Finding a common theme that runs through your experience, can help guide the process.

IT Resume Makeover: Gaining a new perspective

After over a decade with the same company, jumping back into the job search process can be overwhelming. And sometimes the process requires writing your resume from an entirely new perspective.

IT Resume Makeover: Presenting an executive image

Looking to land your first tech executive role? Here’s how to overhaul your resume to catch a recruiter’s eye and demonstrate your qualifications.

IT Resume Makeover: Highlighting business and technology leadership

In’s latest installment in the Resume Makeover series, career expert Laura Smith-Proulx, helps a CIO tackle his extensive — and impressive — background to build an engaging three-page resume.

IT Resume Makeover: Don’t downplay your success

It’s easy to fall into the trap of downplaying your skills and accomplishments. But on your resume you need to do the exact opposite.

IT Resume Makeover: Knowing what to showcase

Writing a resume is all about conveying your skills and experience in an easy-to-read format. But sometimes you need a fresh eye to help identify relevant skills and projects you might have overlooked in your career history.

IT resume makeover: Don’t try to please everyone

Writing a resume means knowing your audience. If you try to please everyone, you’ll only wind up with an unfocused and disjointed document filled with unconnected work experience and accomplishments.

IT Resume Makeover: How to show employers the real you

In this installment of our Resume Makeover series, Andrew Ysasi took a senior security system administrator’s resume and reworked it to show his qualifications for a career in security or cloud management.

IT resume makeover: Breaking through tech jargon

In this resume makeover, the candidate didn’t need a complete remodel. Instead, he needed to shift the overall focus. The resume writer Donald Burns was able to take his resume from tech-focused and dense, to something that any recruiter or hiring manager would actually read and understand.

IT Resume Makeover: How your older experience can get you hired

You’ve probably heard about the rules of resume writing and why you should throw out years of experience to keep your resume short. Take a note from this resume makeover and leverage even older work history to sell your professional brand and land a job in a new industry.

IT resume makeover: Avoid a list of job descriptions

When writing your resume, make sure you sell yourself, rather than present a long list of job responsibilities. Read how career expert Andrew Ysasi helped this month’s resume makeover candidate overcome the job description issue.

Resume Examples

IT leader resume example: Before | After

Senior technology executive resume example: Before | After

CIO resume example: Before | After

Executive marketing manager resume example: Before | After

IT executive resume example: Before | After

Senior IT executive resume example: Before | After

Systems administrator – Information security analyst – Cloud architect resume example: Before | After

COO resume example: Before | After

IT consultant resume example: Before | After

Senior director of marketing resume example: Before | After

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity leader resume example: Before | After

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