by Jim Lynch

Apple Watch: Choose and organize your Glances

Jun 05, 2015
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Glances make seeing important information quick and easy on the Apple Watch

Glances are a very quick and easy way to see the information you need most on your Apple Watch. Just swipe up from the bottom of your Apple Watch screen and you can scroll left or right through your Glances.

In this tip I’ll show you how you can choose the Glances you see and how you can organize them in the order that you prefer.

How to choose and organize your Glances on the Apple Watch

1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on My Watch.

3. Tap on Glances.

4. Tap on the red minus button if you want to remove a Glance, or tap on the green plus button in the Glances listed under Do Not Include if you want to add one.

5. To change the order of your Glances, tap and hold on the reorder button on the right and then move the Glance to your preferred position.

apple watch how to choose and organize glances

I’ve found that less is more with Glances

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of having too many Glances on your Apple Watch. It probably seems like a great idea inititially to have a Glance for as many apps as possible on your Apple Watch. But I’ve found this to be a mistake.

If you have too many Glances then it becomes a real pain scrolling through them to get to the ones you really want to see. At some point having too many of them just ends up complicating things, and I found that there were some that I simply didn’t care about such as the World Clock.

I recommend that you think carefully about which Glances you will actually need and want to see before deciding on a final list. If you include a Glance but then find that you aren’t using it or that you just don’t care about it, get rid of it.

Keeping Glances organized makes it faster to see the most important ones

You might also find that Apple’s default ordering of Glances doesn’t work for you after a certain point. So it’s definitely worth spending time to organize your Glances so that the ones you use the most are easily available in order from left to right.

I initially didn’t bother to organize my Glances at all. But then I found myself having to scroll through ones I didn’t care about and that got to be a headache after a while. So taking a few moments to get them in the proper order can be a real timesaver as you use them each day.

Overall though, I’ve found Glances to be an incredibly useful component of my Apple Watch. Accessing the information in them is generally much faster than opening an app on my Apple Watch. So it’s well worth it to spend a few minutes to choose your Glances and get them in the right order.

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