Why is trusting data from your employees so hard?

Do you trust the information you receive from your employees? Many managers seem to have an inherent distrust of the information they receive from their employees. This article discusses three common areas for trust issues.
  • Project Management Tools
  • IT Leadership

Treb Gatte is the Managing Partner at TumbleRoad.com, where using his techniques, he's helped well-known companies like Wells Fargo and Starbucks achieve project management and business intelligence success.

He is an internationally recognized project management expert, author, speaker and a Microsoft MVP. He's used his Project and SharePoint expertise to author two books on the software. He has a B.S. from Louisiana State University and an M.B.A. from Wake Forest University.

Treb's personal interests include hiking, softball and a passion for coffee. He is a former Starbucks Certified Coffee Master. Treb also loves to sing, sometimes well, and is always open to trying new Karaoke venues.

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