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BrandPost By James Nagurney
Jun 09, 2015
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Software Audits, Post-XP Security, and More


As I mentioned in my blog post earliest this week, here’s the link to the study about Microsoft’s ramping up of software audits. Read on to find out what else is up in the world of Microsoft, with the latest and greatest news from around the Web.

Study: Microsoft Is Most ‘Aggressive’ Software Auditor

In its survey of 1,828 software and enterprise executives, Flexera, in conjunction with research and consulting firm IDC, found that 58 percent of respondents reported getting audits from Microsoft within the last year.

By Kurt Mackie

Redmond Channel Partner

May 5, 2014

New Critical IE Zero-Day Flaw Found

The latest flaw to strike every version of Microsoft’s Web browser has been seen to be in active use by attackers.

By Chris Paoli

April 28, 2014

XP users set to miss out on IE patch

As Microsoft grapples with the latest Internet Explorer security issue, users of its now unsupported, but still popular, Windows XP will be bypassed by the fix.

By AAP and Chris Duckett

April 28, 2014

Many Microsoft Products Losing Support After April 8, Not Just Windows XP

Other products losing extended support on this day are Outlook 2003, Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2, SharePoint 2003, Project Server 2003 and Office 2003. They all lose extended product support on April 8, according to Microsoft’s product lifecycle descriptions.

By Kurt Mackie

April 8, 2014

Microsoft Fixes, Rereleases SP1 for SharePoint 2013

Microsoft has quietly rereleased Service Pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2013.

By Kurt Mackie

April 22, 2014

The Windows 8.1 Update: Everything you need to know

The Windows 8.1 Update launches Tuesday, April 8. Here’s a quick rundown of the things you need to know about Microsoft’s latest OS and how to get it.

By Jason Parker


April 7, 2014

Windows 8.1 ‘Update 2’ Rumored Arriving Later This Year

Microsoft is rumored to be planning the release of a second update to Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 for some time later this year.

By Kurt Mackie

April 22, 2014

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2014 Now Available

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) 2014, a suite of six tools for IT pros, was released for download today.

By Kurt Mackie        

May 1, 2014

New Microsoft Identity Manager Product Arriving in 2015

Microsoft’s next release of its Forefront Identity Manager product is scheduled for the first half of next year, and it will be renamed “Microsoft Identity Manager” at that time.

By Kurt Mackie

April 23, 2014

Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 Updates ready for volume licensees

Microsoft has made the latest updates for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 available to volume licensees.

By Mary Jo Foley

April 15, 2014

Microsoft Office ‘Mix’ — a next-gen presentation app?

Microsoft is signing up testers for a soon-to-be-released preview of “Office Mix,” a new, interactive presentation application.

By Mary Jo Foley


April 21, 2014

And Finally…  Ah, memories: Atari’s E.T. games dug up from New Mexico landfill

After 31 years hidden in the wake of one of the worst video game failures in history, thousands of E.T. and other Atari games were uncovered Saturday. The find ended the mystique of a great industry legend.

By Daniel Terdiman


April 26, 2014