by John Brandon

Traction Watch: VC Peter Levine explains how the mobile revolution is all about the cloud

Jun 11, 2015
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Peter Levine explains how we got to the age of data centers as a service.rn

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Peter Levine is a smart guy. In his presentation at Demo Traction last April, he explained how software is now eating the data center. We are now in the age of data center as a service, building on what happened with the cloud over the past 5-10 years. To illustrate his point, he showed a picture of a gathering in 2005 where no one had a phone or tablet, and then again in 2013 where everyone had a device.

“We are all now supercomputer endpoints,” says Levine, “The interesting thing is what happens to all of the data we create. What happens in the data centers?”

Because of this revolution, many investments are now moving to analytics, data centers, software, and enterprise software. Watch his entire keynote below:

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