by Matt Kapko

‘LinkedIn Out Loud’ videos lampoon ludicrous profiles

Jun 12, 2015
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Have you ever read your LinkedIn profile out loud? If it sounds anything like the ones spotlighted in this 'LinkedIn Out Loud' video series, you need to change the way you represent yourself on the professional network. Right now.

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During your time on LinkedIn, you’ve probably come across a few egomaniacal profiles that made you roll your eyes, maybe even laugh out loud. U.K.-based filmmakers and advertising duo Joseph & Joseph spent two years collecting the most narcissistic LinkedIn profiles they could find and then gathered a group of actors to read them on camera for a short video series called, “LinkedIn Out Loud.”

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Most of the punch lines are delivered with the dry wit you expect from across the pond. Here’s one example: “I’m not a boss, perhaps that’s why I’m so good at it,” says a pair of actors playing off each other in the first video (below). “There’s only one boss and his name is Mr. Customer.” 

One of the best lines from an actress in the second video: “As a young girl my father used to tie a balloon around my wrist to keep track of me at parties. This proves that I’ve always found a joy in talking to people.”

The final video in the series begins with an actor raising his hands in the air and reading this whopper: “Just like Jesus Christ was a carpenter… I’m a sales executive.” Yeah.