Big Data Is Bringing Data Management Headaches

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Aug 28, 20141 min
Big Data

Unification Can Bring Relief

by Kurt Hildebrand

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Everyone who has to worry about data management is well aware of the coming of big data. As time marches on, you and your users need faster access to more types and larger amounts of data. Likely, your data center is feeling the pressure as your infrastructure stretches to the limit to not only maintain, but also improve employee productivity. How can your organization keep up?

The answer lies in unified data management. A recent IDG Research Services Study of 118 IT professionals has provided insights into the best practices of data management. With effective data management, your organization can reduce costs, improve agility, increase IT alignment with business initiatives, and more. For more information on how unifying your data management can improve nearly all aspects of your organization, read this white paper from SAS.

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