Your web conferencing solution is costing you more than five days each year.

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Sep 09, 20142 mins
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By: Matt Duffy, VP of Product Marketing, LogMeIn

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I’m really psyched! I have a ton of meetings today”? Probably not, because in general, meetings are a painful albeit necessary part of everyone’s work life.

That said, there is one difficult component of meetings that doesn’t have to be as excruciating: starting the meeting. We’ve all attended online meetings or conference calls that take forever to begin because of technical issues with the web collaboration tool. There’s either a dial-in number that doesn’t work, you haven’t downloaded the right software yet, or you can’t share your screen to show your PowerPoint deck. So why, in an age where our meetings have evolved to be increasingly mobile, ad hoc, and visual, are we still letting legacy web conferencing solutions slow us down? 

At LogMeIn, we’ve done a lot of research around these frustrations, and we’ve developed, our instant online meeting solution, to address the problem head-on. takes the guesswork out of web conferencing with no required downloads, free audio, and easy-to-use features like pass presenter, screen sharing, and more.

 To further validate how big a problem people are having just starting their meetings, we worked with Ovum on the biggest collaboration survey of its kind. We spoke to over 3,926 full time employees around the world about how they collaborate and what frustrates them the most.

Collaboration 2.0: Death of the Web Conference(As We Know It) not only confirmed that employees are wasting copious amounts of time and money on unproductive meetings, but it also showed that people can be losing as many as five days and 19 hours per year waiting for meetings to start. 

Does this seem as ridiculous to you as it does to us? For more powerful insights that came out of this landmark survey, check out the infographic below and enter to win‘s 5-Day Dream Getaway.

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About the Author: 

Matt Duffy has more than 10 years of marketing leadership experience in the technology and media industries. As VP of Product Marketing at LogMeIn, Matt leads all messaging, content, and marketing research efforts for the company.