by Matt Kapko

Twitter Erupts During Apple’s iPhone and Watch Event

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Sep 09, 20143 mins
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When Apple's long-awaited smartwatch finally made its formal debut today, Twitter erupted. Activity spiked just two minutes after the Apple Watch was revealed, generating 32,227 tweets per minute.

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Credit: Reuters

As is often par for the course during an Apple event, Twitter along with much of the Internet went into overdrive earlier today as Apple unveiled two new iPhones with bigger screens and a new Apple Watch

The peak moment for activity on Twitter, among those using the #AppleLive hashtag at least, occurred just two minutes after Apple’s long-awaited smartwatch was finally revealed. That moment alone generated a spike of 32,227 tweets per minute out of the 2.4 million tweets that mention #AppleLive thus far at the time of publication.

Apple’s commanding presence on Twitter is still being felt far and wide. Five of the top 10 trending topics, including four of the top five, are all about Apple one way or another.

The event brought out commentary from seemingly everyone on Twitter, beginning with Apple’s constantly failing livestream right on through to the quick reactions and insights from analysts and others following the news out of Cupertino, Calif.

Jonathan Stephen, head of digital for Silver Airways, conveyed the collective mood of those struggling to watch the event online:

Matt Galligan, CEO and co-founder of the news app Circa, put the latest moves from Apple into perspective as he recalled previous products that were roundly panned at the time of their initial unveiling:

Galligan also found a way to put a rather positive spin on the new Apple Watch that most people still don’t think they want or need:

Current Analysis’ consumer devices analyst Avi Greengart came to similar conclusions about the watch, particularly its viability as a contactless payment mechanism:

Vlad Savov, senior reporter at The Verge, points out the one glaring omission that people are looking for most in a watch:

Mike Shields, senior editor at The Wall Street Journal, brought all of the news from Apple together somehow and still made space for humor:

Finally, a16z partner Benedict Evans highlighted the expansive opportunity and potential for social messaging on Apple’s new smartwatch: