Don’t Get Stuck in the Past with Mobility Management

BrandPost By IBM
Sep 12, 20143 mins
IBMMobileMobile Device Management

“Remember back in the day when…”

That’s the start of so many stories about when we were younger, maybe cooler and life was sort of better even though we did dumb things also because we were younger and, to be honest, kind of clueless. “Back in the day” can refer to whenever depending on the age of the story teller. No doubt somewhere a kid in junior high school is using it as he talks about the time in third grade he laughed so hard the chocolate milk came out of his nose.

In IT, with its rapid rate of change and innovation, “back in the day” can sometimes feel like just a few months ago. Like, “When we thought mobile device management was good enough?” You know, back when we thought merely protecting the device and its functionality was enough for enterprise security?

“Ah yes, I remember 2013 like it was just last year.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with MDM—as a starting point. The next step up from it is enterprise mobility management. This is because it’s not the device that matters as much as the data it has on it. Laptops, smartphones, tablets are all cheap to replace. But proprietary information? That’s sort of beyond expensive. EMM protects the data with full compartmentalization so it can only be shared with the appropriate people.

Of course not all EMM is equal. Just ask Gartner. In their Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites they said IBM’s MaaS360 “is the best-in-class cloud among ranked EMM vendors. It can support thousands of installations per day for large accounts.”

They also said, “Customers consistently praise MaaS360 for ease of use at the end-user and administrator levels. Installations can be readily personalized to meet a company’s needs, and extensive self-help is available for individual users.”

Because we are no longer back in the day when everyone used the same devices with the same OS, MaaS360 is agnostic about everything. It can manage any type of device and it doesn’t matter if they’re all running different versions of Windows, Mac, or Android. With MaaS360 you don’t have to rely on where a device is or if someone remembered to register it in the correct active file. It searches out and finds all the devices on the network regardless of whether they’re in the office next door or being carried down a street half-a-world away.

With Maas360 you can:

  • Centrally manage mobile apps with web-based console
  • Safely and securely support Bring Your Own Device
  • Reduce risk of sensitive data leakage
  • Enforce on-device access control and compliance with policies and regulations
  • Perform selective wipe on app catalog and managed apps
  • Use granular administrative controls and interactive, graphical reports
  • Reduce network load and increase app performance and scalability

You can go here to get more information or you can keep wondering if you’re still stuck “back in the day.”