The modern workforce needs a new way to meet.

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Sep 16, 20142 mins
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By: Alix Hagan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, LogMeIn

The modern day workforce has evolved to be highly mobile and consumerized. According to Collaboration 2.0: Death of the Web Conference (As We Know It), 32% of all meetings are now being conducted virtually as a result. And that number will continue to grow alongside the population of millennial professionals.

In fact, respondents ages 26 to 35 are conducting an even greater rate—38% to be exact—of their meetings virtually. Is this just a sign of the times? Sophisticated web conferencing and collaboration technology has certainly facilitated the growth of virtual meetings, but not to the extent that today’s professional demands.

This specifically refers to the increasing amount of impromptu, or ad hoc, meetings that have become commonplace in today’s working world. According to the study, 35% of meetings are ad hoc and 40% of respondents only saw this number increasing in the future. Meeting tools, however, are still outdated. Legacy web conferencing solutions aren’t agile enough to support this increasingly popular, informal, and on-the-fly meeting format.

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Alix Hagan joined LogMeIn as an MBA Co-Op more than two years ago. As Senior Product Marketing Manager, Alix leads all messaging, content, and campaigns for, the world’s fastest-growing collaboration solution.