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Sep 23, 20142 mins
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By: Craig Daniel, Vice President of Products, LogMeIn

Legacy collaboration solutions don’t fit the modern, mobile, consumerized, and connected workforce’s needs and expectations. Professionals desire agile, easy-to-use tools that facilitate the rapid proliferation of ad hoc and virtual meetings. And if IT-provisioned tools don’t do the trick, employees are not shy about solving the problem with their own apps and devices.

It’s these very apps and devices that are blurring the line between physical and virtual meetings. According to Collaboration 2.0: Death of the Web Conference(As We Know It), 73% of workers are taking a laptop, smartphone, tablet or combination of these devices into in-person meetings. Additionally, 55% of these professionals are using smart devices to share documents and visuals with meeting participants as an alternative to projectors and monitors. Incorporating tools for virtual screen sharing and web conferencing into live meetings not only ensures all physical attendees are on the same page, but also expands inclusivity for virtual attendees and an increasingly mobile workforce.

Self-sourcing is the connected employee’s solution to traditional web conferencing tools and the barriers to productivity they present. The fact that 65% of all workers have a backup conferencing or collaboration tool they turn to in place of company-provisioned solutions is a testament to this.

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About the Author:

Craig Daniel is the Vice President of Products at LogMeIn, focused on the company’s collaboration solution, Prior to joining LogMeIn, Craig co-founded VisibleGains, where he also served as VP of Product. An accomplished entrepreneur and product leader, Craig is passionate about building great product experiences that delight customers and simplify the way people work.