by Sharon Florentine

10 Outlandish Resume Lies That Can Kill Your Job Chances

Oct 27, 20143 mins
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In a recent CareerBuilder survey, HR and hiring managers were asked to identify the most ridiculous fabrications they have spotted on applicants' resumes. Here are 10 of the worst whoppers they have ever seen.

Outlandish Resume Lies

A recent CareerBuilder survey found that 58 percent of hiring managers and HR professionals have found a lie on a candidate’s resume, and 33 percent of the 2,188 respondents said lying on resumes has increased in this post-recession job market. Aside from the ‘standard’ lies like fudging dates of employment, embellishing a job title, or claiming greater responsibilities, respondents found some truly laughable whoppers that stuck with them over time. Here are the most unusual lies employers caught on candidates’ resumes.

In-depth: For a deeper look at the lies people tell on their resumes read the full article: IT Resumes: Lies, Half-truths and Embellishments.

The Name Game

Resume fabrication

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This prospective employer included job experience that was actually his father’s. Both the father and son had the same name – except one was Senior, one was Junior.

The Minister of Propaganda

ambassadorial resume skills

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In this country you can be anything you want to be if you work hard enough, except perhaps, the assistant to the prime minister of a country with no prime minister. That’s exactly what this guy did however. This diplomat claimed to be the assistant to the prime minister of a foreign country that doesn’t have a prime minister. Do a Google search for goodness sake or ask Siri or Cortana.

Foul Shot

Resume, honest is the best policy.

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This particular applicant claimed to have been a high school basketball free throw champion. Why? We have no idea. In any case, he admitted it was a lie in the interview.

Olympic Medalist in Misinformation

Resume Lies and makeovers

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Talk about going for the gold. This individual claimed to have been an Olympic medalist.

The Doghouse Supervisor

Misrepresenting Your Skills on Your Resume

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This prospective employee claimed to have been a construction supervisor. However, the interviewer learned the bulk of his experience was in the completion of a doghouse some years prior. Thankfully he didn’t use the dog as a reference.

The Math Prodigy

Resume Mistake: Claiming more experience than you actually have

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This poor individual claimed to have 25 years of experience at age 32. Maybe he needs to remove math skills from his LinkedIn profile?

The Name Dropper

Dropping Names Won't help get the job

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This person thought name dropping would do the trick; they claimed to have worked for 20 years as the babysitter of known celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Madonna, etc. No such luck however.

The 3 Time No Show

Not showing up on time or at all, is one way to lose the job.

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This worker listed three jobs over the past several years. When the employers/references were contacted, the interviewer learned that the applicant had worked at one position for two days, another job for one day, and not at all for the third.

If at First You Don’t Succeed

Resume Misinformation - Alternate Skills

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And finally this eager beaver applied twice for the same position and provided different work history on each application.

In-depth: For a deeper look at the lies people tell on their resumes read the full article: IT Resumes: Lies, Half-truths and Embellishments.

Déjà Vu

Resume Makeover

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Yet another applicant applied to a position with a company who had just terminated him. He listed the company under previous employment and indicated on his resume that he had quit. Maybe he thought they wouldn’t notice?