by Al Sacco

BlackBerry’s Limited Edition Gold Passport Costs $900 (UPDATED)

Jan 21, 20152 mins
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BlackBerry today released a limited run of 50, $900 golden BlackBerry Passport devices.

UPDATE: Just a few hours after BlackBerry listed its gold Passport for sale, it’s now sold out.

BlackBerry this morning hitched itself a ride on the golden phone train. The Canadian company showed off a special edition BlackBerry Passport with gold frets and a gold bezel, on its Inside BlackBerry blog

blackberry passport rear leather cover

Only 50 of these golden boys will be available, so if you’re interested you should order yours post haste. The device, which appears to be exactly the same as the black, white and red Passport devices — with the exception of the gold accents, limited edition engraving and leather rear cover — costs US$900, compared to the Passport’s normal $700 price tag. The Passport is also currently on sale for $600, so you pay an extra $300 for the gold color, calfskin cover and the privilege of owing one of only 50 limited edition BlackBerrys.

I’m a big fan of the Passport, as you can see from my recent review. I’m generally not a fan of gold phones, but as far as gilded gadgets go, the gold Passport isn’t bad looking. I really like the leather cover, and I wish you could purchase it separately.

It also stands to reason that we just might see a similar version of the BlackBerry Classic in the not too distant future, especially if this Passport is well received, i.e., BlackBerry sells all 50 of them.

As a Boston Bruins fan, I can’t help but think this thing would look pretty sharp with a spoked B logo on the rear side. Pretty, pretty, pretty sharp. 

You can find more information on the gold BlackBerry Passport on the InsideBlackBerry blog or secure your own via