Coming Together to Advance Cloud Services Delivery

BrandPost By Raejeanne Skillern
Jan 27, 20153 mins
Cloud Computing

Collaborating to advance cloud services

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Structure is one of my favorite conferences of the year simply because the leading drivers of data center innovation come together for very substantive discussion on how customer use of technology changing.  In June of last year, Intel shared its latest assessment of today’s data centers ability to meet the emergence of what has been coined the data services economy and how today’s data center models are insufficient.  We charted a new vision of data center disruption and committed to lead, starting with ourselves, the disruption needed to plan for next generation data centers.

As the general manager of the cloud service provider business, my goal is to make it easier, cheaper and more efficient for CSPs to build new infrastructure and services.  The foundation of our work is ensuring that we’re delivering industry leading products to market that address an expanding set of data center workloads and custom unique use cases. Our work also extends to working with providers to differentiate services based on underlying infrastructure capabilities and creating transparency in service selection and new revenue streams through our Powered by Intel Cloud Technology program.

At Structure 2014 we announced SoftLayer, an IBM company and one of the world’s leading IaaS providers, as one of the newest members of the program.  Our collaboration is aimed to expedite cloud service delivery by providing customers the knowledge of underlying Intel platform characteristics running their services to provide insight of the workload performance, along with the ability to access a consistent HW infrastructure for recreating predictable workload performance at any of their datacenters around the world in minutes.

We have worked with other providers to optimize the use of our platform features for their targeted workloads leveraging underlying infrastructure capabilities offered by Intel Architecture.  For instance, Intel Cloud Technology partner CenturyLink offers Hyperscale high performance server instances designed for web-scale workloads, big data and cloud-native applications. These instances utilize the latest Xeon E5 2600 v2 processors with Intel SSDs, to deliver a superior experience for web-scale architectures built on Couchbase, MongoDB and other NoSQL technologies. Users of the service will consistently see performance at or above 15,000 I/O operations per second (IOPS), significantly better performance than the standard instances offered by CenturyLink, resulting in a measurable increase in time to results.

SoftLayer and CenturyLink are just two examples of Cloud providers in the program offering workload-optimized service delivery that yield excellent value to enterprises and differentiation of services to providers.

We are happy to expand our global reach with 9 new service providers who recently joined the program: Atea (Norway), (Poland), Chief Telecom (Taiwan), CloudDynamics (US), IDC Frontier (Japan), iLand (US), iWeb (US), and SoftLayer, an IBM company (US) and Techgate, PL (UK). Since January 2014 the program has grown to include 35 participants and represents about 65% of IaaS market share.

We plan to discuss additional collaborations in more detail later this summer.  In the meantime, connect with us for more information about the Powered by Intel Cloud Technology program.