by Tom Kaneshige

What Makes Marketing Work?

Jan 30, 20151 min

Todayu2019s marketer is expected to be tech-savvy and data-driven, but marketing is more art than science. This eye-catching infographic shows some of best-liked and most-memorable marketing slogans. Experts also weigh in on why work.

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The new marketer is supposed to be tech-savvy and data-driven, plying her trade using everything from marketing automation software and social-listening platforms to data analytics and programmatic-buying tools.

But is something being lost in marketing’s great digital migration?

At its core, marketing has always been about a gut-feeling into human behavior, more art than science. And traditional marketers will argue that this is still the case. In other words, data can only do so much. They’ll point to the inspirational wins in their profession and claim that even the best algorithms can’t create compelling advertising and copywriting.

Marketing the Message

Now comes a cool infographic from down under — Australia-based M2 On Hold, which provides marketing messages to telephone callers on hold. For M2 On Hold, words matter. Nowhere is this more true in the world of marketing than with slogans.

Here’s M2 On Hold’s infographic showing some of the most well-liked and memorable slogans. Marketing experts also weigh in on why they work so well. (Hint: functional and emotional, not computational.)

what makes slogans work

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