by CIO Staff

Tips for Surviving a Corporate Re-Org

Nov 01, 20051 min

CIO Executive Council members say that during an IT reorg, it’s crucial to communicate early and often, both inside and outside IT. Communication can head off anxious speculation and help employees embrace new roles and the department’s new direction. It can also help ensure that business stakeholders understand how the reorg is going to change the way they work with IT.

Here are some tips from Executive Council members:

¿ Appoint a trained communication specialist or hire a communication consultant to help craft messages for key stakeholders (employees, and internal and external customers).

¿ Use as many vehicles as possible to reach IT employees: E-mail weekly newsletters to staff to update them on the reorg’s progress, hold town hall meetings, provide webcasts to remote offices, set up a Web portal that shows the latest news, or try an IT employee blog.

¿ Build a portal for IT users that explains the new structure and spells out how to do business with the IT group post-reorg.