by CIO Staff

The Before and After Memo

Oct 15, 20052 mins
Collaboration SoftwareSmall and Medium Business

BEFORE: The Quick E-Mail

Fast but unfocused notes fail to persuade

To: Joe Boss

From: Mary Tech Exec

Subject: Notebooks


The mobile sales force needs new notebook PCs. The best bet would be a new Dell, probably the Inspiron line, most specifically the 700m. This line weighs in at 4.1 pounds, with a 12.1” Wide Screen monitor, is 1.5” thin, has Integrated Intel ProWireless or Optional Dell Internal Wireless Solution. With various selections, we can have up to the Intel Pentium M Processor 755 (2.0GHz, 2MB Cache, 400MHz FSB) with Intel Centrino Mobile Technology. The street price is roughly $1,600; of course our IT specialists can do much better.

Let me know your decision. We’re all ready!

AFTER: The Structured Memo

Issues summarized, challenges overcome, a solution presented…equals a formula for success

To: Joe Boss

From: Mary Tech Exec

Subject: Technology that will help us boost sales and increase customer satisfaction

Purpose of This Memo

To review how new notebook PCs will help us reverse the current loss of sales and improve customer relations and the bottom line.

The Challenge for Corporate Growth

With our corporate mandate to improve revenue by 10% this year, any investment must be justified by its ability to boost the bottom line. An investment in the technology below will enable our sales force to meet or exceed their goals.

The Financial Drain of Our Current Notebooks

The 25 people in the mobile sales team have a combination of equipment ranging from a six-year-old Gateway to five-year-old Thinkpads. All of this equipment predates fast wireless transmission. As a result, sales are lost because customer quotes are based on data gathered by telephone too far in advance of the customer meeting.

A Cost-Effective Solution

The Dell Inspiron 700m notebook PC is an industry leader at a reasonable price. Note the specs and strong capability for fast, secure wireless transmission, along with lightweight portability at a good price.

¿¿Weight: only 4.1 pounds, 1.5 inches thin

¿¿Screen: a large 12.1 inches

¿¿Battery: long-life 4-cell lithium ion primary battery (32WHr)

¿¿Processor: fast Intel Pentium M processor 755 (2.0GHz, 2MB cache, 400MHz FSB)

¿¿Remote communication: reliable Dell Wireless 1470 (802.11a/b/g, 54Mbps)

¿¿List price: Starts at $1,600; significantly less with volume discount


I strongly recommend that we make this overdue investment in appropriate hardware to support sales. We can then give current pricing and avoid alienating customers with inaccurate data or losing their confidence because of a technology lag.

Source: Eric Brown, Communication Associates