by CIO Staff

Microsoft Restructures Around Ray Ozzie

Sep 20, 20051 min
IT Leadership

Feeling heat from Google and Yahoo, Microsoft is restructuring to give more power to legendary programmer Ray Ozzie, whose company, Groove Networks, was bought by Microsoft two years ago. The New York Times quotes Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer explaining that the restructuring is designed to align business groups “in a way that will enhance decision-making and speed of execution, as well as help us continue to deliver the types of products and services our customers want most.”  Those services, the Times writes, are the kind of Internet based offerings that allowed Google and Yahoo to challenge the big software maker.  The story reports that Ozzie will be charged with helping the company coordinate and improve Internet-based service offerings, such as Windows Update,  its MSN consumer online unit, including Web-based e-mail, instant messenger and search technology; and its Xbox Live online videogame.  Read more.