by CIO Staff

ITIL and The Power Of Processes

Sep 01, 20051 min
ITILSystem Management

ITIL The IT Infrastructure Library is a customizable framework of best practices that promote quality computing services in the IT sector. Built on a process-model view of controlling and managing operations, ITIL addresses the structure and skill requirements for an IT organization by presenting a comprehensive set of management procedures.

COBIT Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology is a framework for information security that provides managers, auditors and IT users with a set of generally accepted IT control objectives to assist them in developing appropriate IT governance and control in a company.

CMM The Capability Maturity Model is a method for evaluating and measuring the maturity of the software development process of organizations on a scale of 1 to 5. A revised version, the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), provides guidance for improving an organization’s processes and a way to manage the development, acquisition and maintenance of products or services.

Six Sigma Six Sigma is a data-driven quality-management program to control variation and thereby achieve extremely high levels of quality. “Six sigma” refers to six standard deviations in statistical measurement, which in the methodology corresponds to a maximum of 3.4 failures per million units.