by CIO Staff

ITIL In Brief

Sep 01, 20052 mins
ITILSystem Management

1. Service Support Describes the processes associated with the day-to-day support and maintenance activities involved in the provision of IT services.

2. Service Delivery Covers the processes required for the planning and delivery of quality IT services, and looks at the longer-term processes associated with improving the quality of IT services delivered.

3. Planning to Implement Service Management Examines the issues and tasks involved in planning, implementing and improving service management processes within an organization; also addresses the issues associated with addressing cultural and organizational change, the development of a vision and strategy, and the most appropriate method of approach.

4. Security Management Details the process of planning and managing a defined level of security for information and IT services, including all aspects of security incidents. Also includes the assessment and management of risks and vulnerabilities and the implementation of cost-justifiable countermeasures.

5. ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Infrastructure Management Covers all aspects of ICT infrastructure management from identification of business requirements through the procurement process, to the testing, installation, deployment, and ongoing operation and optimization of ICT components and IT services.

6. Application Management Describes how to manage applications from the initial business need through all stages in the application lifecycle, up to and including retirement. Places emphasis on ensuring that IT projects and strategies are tightly aligned with those of the business throughout the application lifecycle, to ensure that the business obtains the best value from its investment.

7. The Business Perspective Provides advice and guidance to help IT personnel understand how they can contribute to business objectives and how their roles and services can be better aligned and exploited to maximize that contribution.