by CIO Staff

6 Ways to Develop Highly Successful People

Jul 15, 20051 min
IT Skills

  1. Mentoring Relationships—essential to developing leaders in a company, whether the relationships are formal or informal. The people who grow in any organization and aspire to higher positions generally have had mentoring relationships throughout their careers.
  2. Cross-Organizational Assignments—experiences that go on outside of a person’s specific job role. IT staffers need to appreciate the importance of networking with people across and outside IT, because you never know what the next assignment will be.
  3. Outside Associations—with any number of organizations, whether industry-related, research groups or educational associations. What’s important is that employees are getting an appreciation of the outside world.
  4. Enterprise View—broadening employees’ perspectives as they go up the ranks. Incentives for establishing an enterprise view are important for job effectiveness.
  5. Committee or Governance Board—participation broadens IT staffers’ enterprise views and shows them the dynamics of governance and how things get done inside a company.
  6. Job Rotation—crucial because an employee in a job for a long time tends not to develop as effectively as someone who moves across different roles and responsibilities.