by CIO Staff

Microsoft’s Ballmer Predicts Info Management Surge

Jun 17, 20051 min
Enterprise Applications

According to a story in the Stanford Graduate School of Business newsletter, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer predicts more growth in the software industry over the next five years than it has seen in the last decade. And it’ll almost all be in information management technology. (Quite possible. See Chris Lindquist’s Tech LinkLetter blog for an example of a new player in that space.)

Stanford quotes Ballmer as saying future innovations in information management, unified communications and digital technology will inspire people to “re-imagine the role that computing will play in our daily lives.” Ballmer also cited digital entertainment as an area with extraordinary potential for future growth.

Ballmer, a Stanford Business School grad, was at his alma mater as part of the school’s 2004-05 View from the Top series. Aside from these industry predictions, he focused on the need for innovation, and how Microsoft was trying to cultivate it.