by CIO Staff

Corporate Message Policies Fall Short

Jun 15, 20051 min
IT Strategy

Companies are failing to effectively manage use of e-mail and instant messaging, according to a survey by The ePolicy Institute and the American Management Association. The two organizations recently surveyed 840 employers about their e-mail and instant messaging policies. The groups’ warning: These policies need work. Though more companies are training employees in the proper use of e-mail, more than a third of respondents either didn’t know or weren’t sure about the difference between electronic records that need to be retained and insignificant messages that may be deleted. In addition:

79% of the employers have implemented a written e-mail policy.

54% conduct e-mail policy training.

35% have an e-mail retention policy in place.

25% have terminated an employee for violating an e-mail policy.

21% have had employee e-mail and IM subpoenaed during a lawsuit.

11% use software to monitor, purge, retain or control IM.