by Christopher Lindquist

News, International Style

Oct 14, 20041 min
Enterprise Applications

My news aggregator client (NewzCrawler, in case you’re interested) currently collects clips from more than three dozen sites, most of them dedicated to technology news. But I realized that most of them were based in the United States, with a smattering from the U.K. So I set out to find technology blogs and sites with a bit more global diversity.

China Digital News shouldn’t really count—it’s hosted at UC Berkeley. But it offers a great selection of China-related news and links—in English—so I’m including it anyway.

Japan Today offers English-language news from Japan on a variety of topics, including technology.’s Technology section provides continuously updated stories about technology events in India.

If you’re looking for the latest about information technology in Korea, give Korea IT News a try. The big problem? It costs $29 (US) a month.

Got a favorite non-European source of technology news? Post a comment below or send me an e-mail.