by Christopher Lindquist

INDUCE Act Aims to Restrict Technology

Oct 04, 20041 min

Obsessive-compulsive behaviour often gets a bad rap. Sometimes it’s with good reason, as anyone who’s ever worked for a company with a “clean desk policy” that extends to personal items and the number of pencils you can keep will tell you. But other cases it’s a big plus. Air-traffic controllers, for instance. Accountants, for sure.

And bloggers.

It’s true, the best blogs are built by obsessive compulsives, but ones who are OC in a way that leaves no detail unscrutinized or omitted.

For a good example, check out the Obsessively Annotated Introduction to the INDUCE Act. If you don’t know the INDUCE act, it’s Senator Orrin Hatch et. al’s attempt to restrict technology that allows for copyright infringement. It’s ostensibly aimed at file sharing over the Internet, but if applied in a slipshod manner, its scope could extend far beyond to include many types of technology–some say everything from photocopiers to PC hard drives.

Give it a read when you’ve got a few minutes and want to see how people blog in the big leagues.