by CIO Staff

Phishing: You’re Ahead of the Game

Sep 23, 20041 min

If you’re a regular reader of, you probably remember our Sept. 1 story, Fighting Phish, Fakes and Frauds, but it seems the scourge of phishing is just reaching some of the mainstream business press. Forbes reports on the phenomenon in its Oct. 4 issue, in a story called Cybercon (page 88). It doesn’t offer up any radically new information, but after explaining the whys and wherefores of phishing, does end with these words: And the consumers have to take some of the blame. There wouldn’t be much phishing if they didn’t take the bait.

Incidentally, Monday’s New York Times and Wednesday’s Taipei Times both report on the phishing frenzy as well, particularly mentioning the spate of spoofs on Citibank sites. (Free registration required by NYT.)