by CIO Staff

Infrastructure-management to Lead Indian Outsourcing Deals?

Sep 14, 20041 min
IT Strategy

Will infrastructure-management services be “the next big wave” of Indian outsourcing deals? This week The Economist looks at that question with a story called The Latest in Remote Controls. Although infrastructure management is now just a small portion of the country’s overall outsourcing revenue($300 million out of $12 billion), the Economist says the potential is huge, and quotes a report by Deutsche Bank that puts the entire size of the global infrastructure-management market at $86 billion. Deutsche Bank and Gartner are bullish on the growth of the service, predicting the market to swell to $1 billion in three years. And India’s IT industry lobbying group NASSCOM says $1.5 billion to $2 billion in five years. Still, the story seems to conclude that the move toward outsourcing infrastructure management will be a rising tide rather than a tsunami. Perhaps giving CIOs time to prepare for the bandwagon’s coming.