by CIO Staff

Which C-level Professionals are Most Clueless about IT?

Aug 24, 20041 min
IT Leadership

CIOs continue to toil under the burden that the top executives in a corporation just don’t get IT, whether it’s the advantages IT provides to the core business or the unrealistic expectations about what IT can accomplish.

But, according to CIOs, which senior executive or executives are most clueless about IT? According to an informal survey — very informal: a show of hands — of attendees here at the CIO 100 Symposium, the senior-level executives who are the least IT savvy are those in charge of specific business functions. The most IT savvy? The chief operating officer, according to CIOs.

Here is the breakdown:

Question: Who is most realistic about IT’s strategic advantage to the business? (Percentages are rough estimates.)

  • CEO/President 25%
  • CFO 20%
  • COO 50%
  • Execs in charge of business functions 5%