by CIO Staff

Forecast: The Weather, That Is

Aug 24, 20042 mins

The talk at the symposium has not been all about improving management skills and the latest IT applications. Like most human beings, CIOs like to talk about the weather. And the weather here in Colorado Springs, site of the CIO 100 Symposium, has been spectacularly beautiful and spectacularly theatrical. Attendees have had everything from cloudless, crystal blue skies to impressive, startling thunderstorms that roll over the edges of the Rocky Mountains. Lightning strikes are unnervingly close to hotels and other parts of the valley that are heavily inhabited, which is typical for Colorado Springs, locals say. The thunderclaps rattle hotel walls and come crashing through immediately after blinding lightning bolts crackle through the skies.

The storms delayed many CIOs at airports when trying to get to the symposium. And upon arrival, they’ve weathered frequent showers, hailstorms and semi-frigid temperatures. But attendees say the weather is overshadowed by the stunning views as well as the networking opportunities. The rain, much needed here in an area that has suffered five years of drought, is a welcome break and at least affords CIOs a topic of conversation other than technology.

Blogger Allan Holmes wants to thank CIO editors Mindy Blodgett, Edward Prewitt and Elana Varon for their support and tidbits.