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Career Boost

Jul 10, 20075 mins

Tips and advice you need to achieve your career goals.

Guests columnists from the fields of recruiting, executive search and coaching offer their unique insights to help IT executives survive and thrive on their career paths.

Managing Your Reputation Online

The results that appear when recruiters and hiring managers search for your name online may determine whether or not you get called in for an interview. To improve your profile online and increase your career opportunities, take advantage of blogs and social networking tools.

By Kirsten Dixson and William Arruda How to Negotiate a Flexible Work Arrangement

Studies show that flexible work arrangements such as telecommuting, job sharing and compressed work weeks help employees maintain their work-life balance while increasing their productivity and loyalty to their employers. To get your boss to agree to such an arrangement, your proposal should spell out exactly how the arrangement will work, the value it will bring to your employer, and how your performance will be measured.

By Lori K. Long Seven Ways to Ensure Your Resume Doesn’t End Up in a Recruiter’s Trash

Knowing when to summarize and when to be specific is the key to writing an impressive résumé that stays in a recruiter’s keep pile.

By Christopher M. Palatucci 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating a Raise

Contrary to what you might think, the trick to negotiating a salary increase—or any kind of deal—is not to seek consensus but to say no. Read on to find out why “no” is the most powerful word in negotiations.

By Jim Camp Salaries: Seven Tips for Getting What You Want

Hashing out pay and perks with a prospective employer is fraught with risk. Follow these tips to negotiate the tricky salary question with confidence and sophistication.

By Debra Feldman Becoming a Change Leader

If you want your organization to achieve its goals—and stand out from the pack when competing for jobs—you need to lead change effectively.

By Maya Townsend Leadership & Generation X

How understanding the relevance of generational dynamics can invigorate your leadership potential.

By Deborah Gilburg Five Tips for Making Progress In Your Career While Staying Put

By taking on developmental or stretch assignments, you can expand your skill set and develop your leadership capabilities—and thus your marketability—without spending all that time and effort job-hunting.

By Cynthia McCauley Generation X: Stepping Up to the Leadership Plate

How to leverage the mind-share of retiring baby-boomers to advance your career.

By Deborah Gilburg Seven Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Top IT Talent

The IT departments that effectively support and enable their companies in the next decade will be the ones that have enough of the best people. Your career hinges on your ability to hire the best.

By David Reff How to Make the Most of Those Holiday Networking Sessions

Seasonal festivities present ample opportunities to network in relaxed, convivial settings. Savvy job seekers don’t dread these social events; they embrace them, and you should too.

By Debra Feldman Create a Smart Succession Plan

Without a succession plan, your retention rates will suffer—and so will your own ability to advance in your career.

By Martha Heller Getting Your Name Out There: Four Simple Steps to Worldwide Fame

How the CIO can achieve a measure of fame and publicity in four simple steps.

By Martha Heller Managing Competing IT Priorities

Here four of the most effective actions you can take to manage your organization’s priorities.

By Maya Townsend How to Go from CIO to IT Consultant

Here are three ways to pursue a career as a consultant.

By Martha Heller Succession Planning Do’s and Don’ts

Without a decent succession plan, your retention rates will suffer as will your own ability to advance in your company.

By Martha Heller How to Turn Gate Keepers Into Greeters

Here are six ways you can increase the odds that gatekeepers will grant you access.

By Debra Feldman Recruiter’s Advice Part II: How To Interview with an Executive Search Firm

The following are some recruiter pet peeves that could eliminate you as a candidate.

By Jane Howze Tips for IT Leaders Who Want to Move into the Business

Move into operations. Take on strategic planning. Become a sales leader. Create a new business role. Read how four CIOs crossed the divide.

By Martha Heller How to Change Industries

Have you been typecast? Here’s some expert advice on breaking out of the industry mold.

By Martha Heller Tips to Help CIOs Get a Position on the Board

A board membership can be a powerful door opener and career accelerator. Here are eight activities you can undertake to help improve your odds of getting on a corporate board.

By Dora Vell Learning How to Network

Four IT executives offer practical, tactical advice for identifying the most promising networking opportunities and making the most of them.

Martha Heller Cold Calling Your Way to the Executive Suite

Cold calling launches a successful search by establishing an immediate personal relationship between you and a real, live employer representative.

By Debra Feldman Negotiating Your Worth

You get what you negotiate, not what you deserve. Follow this advice.

By Dora Vell